Lion-Hearted Men

Be Courageous - Be Present - Be Compassionate

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Calling All Men,

I am inviting men with courageous hearts to attend these  gatherings of movement, inner wisdom and self discovery.

In today's society there are very few places for men to be vulnerable, Courageous, fearful, Present, strong and Compassionate.  As a Man, I have found challenges in the societal pressures of needing to be strong, having my shit together, being the fixer and provider, and stoically dealing with pain and suffering.
A few years ago, I discovered an incredible movement practice that cultivates awareness of breath and body, and actively works to alleviate chronic pain - Foundation Training (FT). I teach FT workshops and 1:1 sessions throughout the country. Some of you have experienced FT and know of its powerful and long-lasting effects.

During The Weekend, Foundation Training is the physical element to developing a deeper connection to courage and freedom.

Additionally, many relational conflicts stem from the lack of awareness and understanding of who we are as whole and complete Men. Learning how to work with body sensation and emotions instead of letting them rule our lives is key to deepening the relationship with ourselves and others. When we drop into our hearts and honor the sensations of our bodies, we create a solid ground for healing and connection. I invite you, courageous Lion-Hearted Men, to join me in building bridges between mind and heart through movement and community. Together, we can make a huge difference in our families and communities.

Contact Mike at for more information.

What Men are saying about The Weekend:

“What I got was a feeling of support and openness like I had never felt with any man in my life – as a child or as an adult.”

“For years I have been walking at 90% of myself. I came out feeling much more whole as a man, and as a human being. I understood myself more and really felt like I learned a lot about why I held back from doing this or that or the other thing.“

“I feel a newness in the way I see things and the way I think about life. I also achieved a clarity as to why I am going through the transition I’m going through now with people. It’s absolutely beautiful.”

"Mike Lane is a generous soul who really opens up the possibility of deeper meaning and healing through exercises, mantras, and body work that creates breakthroughs. I loved Mike's presence, his energy, fun sense of humor, and ability to drop in and be real, man to man. I recommend doing a men's weekend with Mike to explore the possibility that you have a lot more in you... to heal, to empower, to see, to grow, and ultimately wake up to. I appreciated the safe environment, the authenticity, and the vulnerability of the group. Thank you Mike and other men for sharing such an epic weekend together. I'm noticing a more easeful connection with others, feel stronger in my foundation, and feel more clear about my gifts and how I can make a greater impact."

"I've worked with a lot of therapists and healers over the years, and I've never worked with anyone that cuts straight to the root of the heart as effectively as Mike Lane. Mike helped me navigate to the center of my pain so that I could stop allowing toxic old patterns to affect my relationships today. After working with Mike, I am a better partner, a better boss, and a better person to my SELF.