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Anchor and Expand

  • Trails Within 7400 California 89 Graeagle, CA, 96103 United States (map)

Join Drs. Mike and Jennifer Lane for a weekend of AnatomySense and begin the New Year with practices for the health of your body and spirit. During the weekend, we will explore functional anatomy, subtle energetics, yoga and therapeutic movement to anchor and expand.

DAY 1: Feet: Anchor (Saturday 2pm-5pm)

Your feet contain 25% of the bones in your body! This workshop brings together dynamic anatomy and functional biomechanics to help you understand the connection between your feet and the rest of your body.

You know the song, “Dem Bones” – “toe bone connected to the foot bone, foot bone connected to the heel bone…connected to the hip bone…connected to the head bone…” This simple song is right on, but do you know how it’s all connected? Joints, fascia, muscle chains, energy.

The foot is a powerful generator of energy, and influences the function and well-being of the whole body. It is so dynamic, but often overlooked. You will learn about the joints, muscles and fascia of the foot through lecture, discussion, movement and palpation.

DAY 2: Breath: Expand (Sunday 9am-12pm)

The Breath is one of, if not the most, important aspects of your practice. In this workshop, you will learn about the Anatomy of the Breath, and how to breathe in an expansive way that decompresses all of your joints, creating a deep sense of freedom and confidence.

There are many different breathing practices in the world of yoga. Pranayama helps you to achieve different levels of awareness and access layers of consciousness. In this workshop, we will weave together dynamic anatomy and functional biomechanics into a greater understanding of the breath. You’ll learn to breathe like never before.

The ribcage is meant to expand circumferentially, but we often don’t breathe in a way that accesses our full lung capacity. This is because of complacent adaptation to the constant force of gravity. Posture is a direct link to and result of this invisible force. You will learn how to move within a gravity environment, decompressing your body via breath, and changing your relationship to pain in the process. When you learn to decompress through breath, your yoga practice will be supported from the inside out.

For teachers and students of all levels interested in an innovative approach to yoga and movement as essential components to a healthy lifestyle.