Weaving dynamic anatomy with intelligent sequencing.

FYT weaves together functional movement and dynamic anatomy with yoga asana and intelligent sequencing. I will teach you powerful strengthening exercises to bring balance to the openness you achieve on the mat. My yoga colleagues will teach you how to bring it all together in a yoga class.

Video Trainings

These short videos build confidence through understanding the Why & How of yoga poses and sequences. Bring greater mindfulness to your practice, and learn how to move in a way that heals and strengthens. 

FYT In-Person Trainings

FYT Foundational Sessions

Level 1 is a 3-hour introduction to Functional Yoga Therapy. Learn basic principles of FYT and basic anatomy. I will cover a joint-by-joint approach to movement, so you see and understand how the body is interconnected. You will learn how the knee bone is connected to the hip bone and what that means for your yoga practice and your overall physical health. 

FYT Building Sessions

Level 2 is a 6-hour training geared towards building upon the basics learned in the Foundational Session. We will review concepts of Mobility and Stability, and go deeper. This is the next step towards integrating FYT into your personal practice. 

FYT Trainings and Certifications

Level 3+ is  a combination of in-person trainings as well as at home study and projects. My yoga colleagues and I will be taking your through 25 and 50 hours trainings where you will learn how to assess movement patterns and design intelligent sequences for optimizing the balance of strength and flexibility in your students. Through FYT, you will be able to address common yoga injuries and teach in a revolutionary way.